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December 2015

Right in the feels..


 It was a pleasure serving the Army's 1864th Transportation Company for their holiday party. There were definitely tears all around when they presented us with a Thank You plaque. Special thanks to those who helped us make this event happen rallying extra hands and equipment. Much love.

Right in the feels..2017-10-29T20:18:28+00:00

November 2015

Brunch…with a Tingle Labs twist


AND ANOTHER ONE! We had the pleasure of indulging a private bachelorette brunch over the weekend! With a tweak on brunch classics, the menu included: charcoal-grilled Thai sausage benedict, w/ white wine hollandaise, over egg and homemade flatbread. Served with a side of baby kale and spinach dressed with lime-cilantro vinaigrette. Naturally, paired with pineapple [...]

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September 2015

Pepsi Employee Appreciation Event


Awesome way to close out the summer! Smoked brisket w/ Pepsi BBQ sauce, Budweiser basted brats, 1/4 lb kosher dogs, miso-curry slaw, sweet potato salad, whiskey baked beans, three-cheese mac topped /w Sour cream & cheddar Ruffles, creamed corn cornbread w/ whipped honey butter, and Wild Cherry Pepsi brownies. Had the pleasure of doing work [...]

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August 2015

Themed menu night – “Jazzy Fresh Summertime BBQ”


A lil bit of summer & a lil bit of fall, a lotta bit of alcohol. Pickled melon w/ Green goddess salad, Butternut Squash Soup, Curry-miso coleslaw, Tilamook Squash Mac & Cheese and Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles, Sweet Potato Salad, BBQ Baked beans, Brisket and Pepsi BBQ Sauce, Budweiser Braised Chicken in Mole sauce, [...]

Themed menu night – “Jazzy Fresh Summertime BBQ”2017-10-29T02:59:19+00:00

Themed menu night – “Things We’d Like To Eat While We’re Drunk”


Salted caramel pot de creme, pork satay w/ peanut sauce, Thai beef bone noodle soup (Kuaytiaw neua), sweet potato & bacon gravy poutine w/ fresh made cheese, duck con fit bahn mi, and a nectarine and black berry pie topped with avocado / coconut / Rumchata ice cream.

Themed menu night – “Things We’d Like To Eat While We’re Drunk”2017-10-29T02:49:29+00:00

Plating. Major key.


Sautéed chicken w/ miso ghee butter, parsnip carrot beet & endive stewed greens, cauliflower puree, fresh crisped chard topping. All organic.

Plating. Major key.2017-10-29T02:38:23+00:00

July 2015

Dirty Work


"Oh you're a dirty girl." A little behind the scenes action of FPP (Food Porn Production)

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Taco (and THIRSTY) Tuesday!


Scratch made tortillas. Steak. Beans. Sweet Potatoes. Ranchero Sauce. It's still healthy if you eat it with beer right?

Taco (and THIRSTY) Tuesday!2018-09-10T02:27:55+00:00
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