So how does this whole thing work anyways? How much are your services? Where’s the menu?

We’re nothing like traditional caterers. There’s no menu. There’s just what you like to eat (Minus allergies or event restrictions) + how much you have in your budget + our imagination = your amazing event. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs from Olive Garden will run you around 8 dollars of frozen whatever that is. A plate of spaghetti from us can range from different degrees of scratch made based on the budget. Want a solid spaghetti with home made noodles, sauce, meatballs, and parm? $18. Want 10 year old Parmesan and meat balls made from prime cut beef? $25. The sky’s the limit when you’ve got your own chef doing whatever you want. Indecisive? No problem. Lets chat for a bit and figure out the most memorable moment you’ve experienced and lets recreate that. Just click that little contact us button and go from there.

How many weddings have you done in the past? Would you be willing to share any of their information so that we might be able to contact them as references?

You’re welcome to look at our Facebook, Instagram, or gallery on this very site, but we don’t post or take any photos without the permission of the hosts, especially for a private event. I can send invoices blanked out of the work we’ve done, but we don’t divulge contact information of any of our guests for privacy reasons. If you recognize anyone from any photos you see however you’re welcome to chat with them about any feedback.

I’ve personally worked on five weddings, but my company will have two other weddings in the fall season.

Are there any other costs that are not included in the proposal?

Never. Unless you intend to pay by card and that amount is mentioned in the disclosure at the bottom of the quote. Our quoted numbers reflect the fair payment of my staff, any assumed cost to produce the food, keep it tasty, and getting it into the mouths of your guests. Tell me what you want, I’ll make it work around your budget. If it won’t, I’ll let you know. Bud Lights and Jack and Cokes do the job and are cheaper than syrup-infused vodka crafted from sheer tenacity, for obvious reasons, but one will never be quite as memorable than the other. And the latter is the only part of my job I’m concerned about besides budget. If anything is too high, tell me, and I’ll restructure.

The only additional costs you’d see are for last minute additions to the plan. i.e. Adding an extra 20 guests last minute that you want fed, a whole pig, or deciding on having an ice sculpture (Yes, we can do that. It’s easier to ask us what we can’t do. I’ll give you a hint, the answer’s nothing.)

What is the typical gratuity for servers?

Typical gratuity depends on the ability of the guests, scale of service, and experience of my servers. Our average tips for the team range somewhere around 1-5% of the cost of the event, or how charitable the host feels. You actually have the choice of tipping the server or having flat rate service. I lean towards not including gratuity because I guarantee my staff provides absurdly considerate service meriting any tips.

How much of a deposit is needed, and the exact cost of the tasting?

50%, no later than a week before the event. Tastings are the cost of food +$75. You won’t get an exact cost until a week before tasting.

How much food will there be per person? If we ask for 20 lbs of food, will that be enough to feed 60-70 people completely?

There will be enough food for 60-70 people. Five courses, each a small plates of food per person, trays of fruits and veggies if they need snacks, and a dessert that you won’t find anywhere.  Here’s some math:

  • 80 lbs feeds 130 people. 160 lbs feeds 300 people. You’re getting around 40lbs of food, and that’s after I’ve cooked it. It typically starts out as 60 lbs with some left over, but never after an event. Everything gets eaten. 
  • We’ve fed 300 people at a company barbeque, 150 people at a military banquet, 40 people for 5 days at a convention, 10 people for a small bridal shower, 60 people at a cocktail party.