Home Cooked Meals

Home Cooked Meals

Tasty food, who cares what it looks like

Sample Menu: Thai Style Steak Dinner

Wood Fire Grilled Chicken Skewers
Chicken Curry Puffs (Can be made Vegetarian)
Papaya Salad
Roasted Cauliflower Pineapple Curry
Vegetable Pad See Ew
Lime Chili Sauce
Sticky Rice
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Thai Coconut Sticky Rice, Mango & Mint Ice Cream

Starting at 15$ per person

Instagram Worthy Dishes

Instagram Worthy

Take all the photos you want

Sample Menu: Fancy Cocktail Party

Cheese, Fruit, Veggie Board
Charcuterie Board
French Style Crab Cakes w/ Remolade
Figs Wrapped in Prosciutto over Goat Cheese on Crostini
Smoked Salmon & Caviar Blinis
Roasted Corn Coconut Pandan Shooter
Grilled Sliced Steak Salad on Lettuce Wrap
NY Strip-loin Carving Station – Fresh Bread & Condiments
Red Velvet Macadamia Nut Ice Cream
Cold Brew Coffee / Glazed Donut Ice Cream

Starting at 40$ per person

VIP Dining

VIP Dining

Ever eat foie gras and lobster french toast w/ a truffle omelette?

Sample Menu: The Crazy Good Dinner

Lobster Pot Pie – Morells, Baby Onions & Love.
Seasonal Oyster Bar & Condiment Station
Tuna & Salmon Poke w/ Sterlet Caviar
Aka Ushi Wagyu Loaded Fries
Frites & Andalouse
Seasonal Vegetable Fire Grilled Pizza
“Charcuterie Board” Tea Sandwiches
Sliced Wagyu Station, Whipped Potatoes, & Brussel Sprouts, Condiments, Fire Baked Rolls

Starting at 80$ per person


Personal Meal Prep

Personal Meal Prep

We shop, cook, and deliver customized menus to you. Just choose one of our meal plans, and we will deliver you ready-to-heat meals.

Menu Choices:

Balanced Diet (Low-Carb, Whole-Food)
Keto Diet
Paleo Diet
Pescetarian Diet
Vegan / Vegetarian Diet

Starting at 20$ per hour

Medical Meal Prep

Medical Meal Prep

We shop, cook, and deliver customized menus based on your dietary needs. Tell us your doctor or nutritionist’s recommendations, and work with our chef to plan every meal!

Sample Diets:

Gluten-Free Diets
Elimination Diets
– Night-Shade Allergies
– Legumes Allergies
– Nuts & Seeds Allergies

Anti-Inflammatory / Whole30 Diet

Starting at 35$ per hour

Celebrity Dining Experience

Celebrity Dining

Live like a celebrity. A team of chefs will turn your home into a restaurant, and provide the highest quality dining experience in the comfort of your home— or anywhere you need us.

Something like…

“I want to look like Chris Pratt after he went from Chubby Guy to Super Chizzeled Abs.”
“Make me whatever it is Skinny Bitches eat.”
“I want Dinner to remind me of a Party on the Beach.”
“Can you make us a fancy version of the menu at KFC?”

Starting at 65$ per hour