Tingle Labs Kitchen LLC. is a culinary event and catering company composed of a
consortium of chefs, bartenders, bakers, patissieres, event planners, designers, and entertainers who hate our monotonous day jobs and use the business as an outlet to be creative and romantic. We’re the best team you’re going to find to pull off fine-dining restaurant food standards, with limited notice, and in your backyard.

Don’t know how to execute something? Need to feed lots of people at the last minute? Looking to indulge in the finest things the world has to offer on your own terms?

Our food team moonlights as private chefs, banquet chefs, airline chefs, and in-suite dining chefs, or menu consulting at other restaurants. Our operations team does consulting for a major Las Vegas food supplier. As well as IT management, Websites, SEO, Social Media campaigns, photography, video, and editing, and sales promotions/strategy for various growing food businesses. Last, but not least, our drinks & dessert team is off winning awards.

Naturally, we’ve reached a point in our company’s growth where it just makes sense to have a space to facilitate our operations so we won’t be as limited in how much work we can take on. Also, there’s a lot of really creative ideas that aren’t aren’t being brought to life because the barrier of entry financially is too high to double down on new concepts. By having this location, we’d be able to facilitate various food concepts without the crippling overhead and 3-5 year commitments and have first hand data on the financial projections of a food concept.



Tingle Labs Test Kitchen is a unique restaurant concept that will be a kitchen/culinary incubator where we’ll test run various food concepts we’ve discovered from the local area. The restaurant incubator provides the physical space, along with other supports, to cultivate the growth of each brand. By mitigating start-up costs and providing a nurturing environment, business incubators in general help businesses grow and stay in their communities. It gives anyone a chance to showcase their capabilities, hone their craft, develop business skills, build a following and fine tune their recipes, and most importantly find out if the food sells. Anything and everything you would need to start a food business; marketing plans, social media content & photos, menu costing breakdown, accounting, website design, or reaching out to banks and investors, we’ve got you covered.

Anyone with a food idea can sign up. Anyone looking to test their concept or have a pop-up event at the restaurant will be required to submit an application, undergo an interview process and provide a tasting before selection. We want to be able to give aspiring entrepreneurs a low risk atmosphere so they can pursue and hone their restaurant concept.



  • 15% Use of Kitchen, Permitting, Bulk Order Pricing Discounts, SquareSpace Website w/ Online Ordering Capability, Marketing Assistance (Through our Social Media & Store Frontage), Back-end Accounting Reporting (To give to your CPA)
  • After 5k in Gross Revenue, Base cost increases 1% More (16% Total)
  • After 10k in Gross Revenue, Base cost increases 1% More (17% Total)
  • After 15k in Gross Revenue, Base cost increases 1% More (18% Total) and then we begin negotiations on next steps for the food concept. Food Trucks? Brick and Mortar?Investment Capital? Etc.
  • 3% – Credit Card Fees
  • 1099 “Consultant” on Concept, Paid + Sales Tax Paid & Reported.
  • ONLY FOR 3rd Party Delivery App ORDERS (Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, Etc.)
  • The Following Numbers Apply Only When A 3rd Party Delivery Order Occurs
  • We charge 1% of Gross sales for your first $2000 in orders
  • Every $2000 in earnings up until $10,000, base charge increases 1%
  • 1% Gross Sales – $0 – $2000
  • 2% Gross Sales – $2001 – $4000
  • 3% Gross Sales – $4001 – $6000
  • 4% Gross Sales – $6001 – $8000
  • 5% Gross Sales – $8000+
  • + X% Whatever cost X Delivery App Requires. (Typically Delivery Apps take approximately 30% of Gross sales, and take care of Taxes / CC fees.)



  • Menu Cost Analysis – $15 Per Dish
  • $120 for every 10 Dishes
  • Customer Must Fill Out Recipe Cards
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design – Cost TBD
  • Brochure / Catering Menu Development – Cost TBD
  • Professional Photography & Editing
  • Photography Cost? TBD
  • Editing Cost? TBD
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Cost TBD
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Cost TBD